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Lindy Spin Rig

Lindy Spin Rig

    I’m not sure when Lindy came out with their Spin Rig, but I’m guessing sometime in the early to mid 1970s. But I became a fan of them right off the start. The Spin Rig is designed to present live bait, a minnow or chub or even a nightcrawler or leech. It...
Lacie Gee & Erwin Sias by Larry Myhre

Lacie Gee & Erwin Sias by Larry Myhre

  Of course I have no way of proving whether this is true or not, but I suspect the circulation of this little fly tying booklet probably exceeds any other ever printed. Lacey Gee and Erwin Sias published “Practical Flies and their Construction” in 1955. It...

The Song of the Sandhill Cranes By Gary Howey

  As we made our way along the half-mile trail in the dark to the photography blind at the Rowe Sanctuary near Kearney, Nebraska, the distinctive calls of the Sandhill Cranes echoed across the Platte River valley.     Once you have heard their calls,...

I’m a “Fan” of Turkey Hunting By Gary Howey

  It was twelve or so years ago, when I suggested to my  hunting partner Larry Myhre that we should come up with some type of turkey fan that would help us sneak up on Gobblers. He thought it was a good idea, but said it sounded like work and he was looking...