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Muff is junior high champion at Cornhusker Trap shoot

Entered by Gary Howey

Former tournament angler, hunting and fishing guide. Inducted into the National Freshwater Fishing "Hall of Fame" in 2017. Active member of the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers (AGLOW), Past Executive Director (AGLOW). Howey has been an outdoor communicator since 1980 with his award winning syndicated "Of the Outdoors" columns appearing in magazine, newspapers, and tabloids throughout he upper Midwest and nationally.

May 4, 2018



Doniphan, Neb. Nebraska Cornhusker Trap Shoot. – Thursday’s opening day of the 49th Cornhusker Trap shoot came down to a duel between two Lincoln shooters. Tanner Muff of Scott Middle School won a shoot-off to win the junior high division championship.

Muff and Jacob Uphoff of Mickle Middle School each hit 99 of 100 targets at 16 yards. In the shoot-off, Muff hit 22 of 25 targets and Uphoff hit 21.

Elmwood-Murdock 4-H repeated as the ladies team champion, with shooters Katelyn Stewart, Taylor Douglas, Alexis Bacon, Sela Rikli and Makenna Schomaker returning from last year’s title team.

Anslee Langrehr of Grand Island Northwest won the ladies individual title, edging second-place and defending champion Ashley Rose of Centura. 5 Clovers 4-H won the 4-H team title and Ogallala, with shooters Garret Duba, Grady Packard, Derik Kennicut, Kade Robertson, Braden Reeser, won the junior high team championship.

On Thursday, 850 junior high shooters competed.

On Friday, 1,683 senior high students are expected to shoot 75 rounds of 16-yard targets. They will shoot 75 handicap targets Saturday, and the combined scores of the two days will determine the overall champion, the Cornhusker Cup winner.

The junior high results are:

Top 20 Individuals – 1. Tanner Muff, Scott Middle School, Lincoln, 99 of 100 (won shoot-off); 2. Jacob Uphoff, Mickle Middle School, Lincoln, 99; 3. Benjamin Menking, Trinity Lutheran, 98; 4. Cade Robertson, Ogallala, 98; 5. Will Hershiser, Lux Middle School, 97; 6. Sawyer Kunc, 5 Clovers 4-H, 97; 7. Luke Beckman, Malcom 4-H, 97; 8. Tyler Johnson, Gordon-Rushville, 96; 9. Zach Eggland, Merrick County 4-H, 96; 10. Hunter Schmidt, Blazing Clover 4-H, 95; 11. Mason Gerdes, Raymond Central, 95; 12. Dylan Martin, Golden Clover 4-H, 95; 13. Aiden Boch, Buffalo County 4-H, 95; 14. Tucker Maxson, Raymond Central, 95; 15. Andrew Stadler, HTRS, 95; 16. Garrett Tachovsky, Blue River 4-H, 94; 17. Cody Zalesky, 5 Clovers 4-H, 94; 18. Robert Kovarik, Western Nebraska 4-H, 94; 19. Tanner Parrish, Irving Middle School, 94; 20. Mason Feely, Elkhorn Ridge Middle School, 94

Top Six Ladies – 1. Anslee Langrehr, Northwest, 94 of 100; 2. Ashley Rose, Centura, 92; 3. Claire Thompson, 5 Clovers 4-H, 92; 4. Kayla Hendricks, Elkhorn Middle School, 90; 5. Cori Combs, York, 90; 6. Haley Yonker, North Platte, 89

Top Three 4-H Teams – 1. 5 Clovers 4-H (Sawyer Kunc, Claire Thompson, Cody Zalesky, Adam Kotas, Holly Zoubek), 457 of 500; 2. Merrick County 4-H, 449; 3. North Star 4-H, 437

Top Ladies Team – 1. Elmwood-Murdock 4-H Pink (Katelyn Stewart, Taylor Douglas, Alexis Bacon, Sela Rikli, Makenna Schomaker), 395 of 500; 2. Burwell, 293; 3. Norris, 274

Top Six Teams – 1. Ogallala (Garret Duba, Grady Packard, Derik Kennicut, Kade Robertson, Braden Reeser), 458 of 500; 2. North Platte Blue, 445; 3. Sutton 1, 434; 4. Beatrice 1, 432; 5. Centura 1, 430; 6. Papillion-La Vista Middle School, 429

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