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” IN 2017

Keeping your Body warm in Sub Zero Temperatures, Cabela’s X-Bionic Base Layer By Gary Howey

Entered by Gary Howey

Former tournament angler, hunting and fishing guide. Inducted into the National Freshwater Fishing "Hall of Fame" in 2017. Active member of the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers (AGLOW), Past Executive Director (AGLOW). Howey has been an outdoor communicator since 1980 with his award winning syndicated "Of the Outdoors" columns appearing in magazine, newspapers, and tabloids throughout he upper Midwest and nationally.

March 6, 2017

  As an outdoorsman, I spend countless hours outside when it’s cold. In the winter, we’re on the ice, while in the summer, our crew is on the water and as fall arrives, you’ll find us in the field, and in deer stands.  I’ve always had problems keeping warm, especially in the late fall when hunting waterfowl, ice fishing and .

   If I wear the heavy bulky clothing I used to wear in these conditions, I have trouble bringing my shotgun up and just moving around in bulky clothing.   

  When we have to walk great distances as we do when calling predators or getting to our deer house or stands, if I layer up, by the time I reach where I want to set up or get to the deer stand, I am sweated wet and will be cold from that point on.

  During the late pheasant-hunting season, in early winter when you are one of the walkers, if you dress too lightly, you’re cold and if you dress too heavy by the time, you reach the end of your first field you’re overheated and are cold. 

  I’ve tried everything, layers, long johns, polypropylene long underwear and almost everything available, but some are not enough while others are too much.

  Later last fall, I’d heard many good things about Cabela’s X-Bionic Base layer First-On-Skin-Energizer that was developed by Swiss scientists, the system they scientifically proven and patented.

  The advertisements indicates that the 3D-Bionic Sphere System maintains your body core at an optimum 98.6 F no matter what the temperature.

  I’d tried everything else, so why not try the X- Bionic base layer. When I opened the package from Cabela’s, it was obvious these were like no other base layer I’d seen as they are constructed much differently. The advertising on the X-Bionic indicated that it was designed to turn perspiration into therm-regulating power and I was looking forward to see if what they said about it was true.

  Woven into the chest and back area is there 3D-Bionic Sphere System that starts working as soon as you start to sweat, to cool you when you’re hot and warms you when you’re cold but without over-cooling.

  Built into the material, there Air-Conditioning Channels, a ventilation system that continuously carries moisture away, keeps you warm,  allowing the air to flow to parts of your body not normally accessible when wearing other base layers.

Cabela’s X-Bionic Base Layers Keeps your Body at 98.6 Degrees in Sub Zero Temperatures.

  The Sweat Trap, built into the material traps perspiration, pulling it away before you start to feel it, leaving behind a thin film of perspiration to cool the skin, that’s too thin to be noticed.

The sweat traps on the lower back catch sweat flowing down your back towards your buttocks. This sweat is moved away by their 3D-Bionic Sphere® System to the tailbone where it evaporates.

  Located over the hipbones and on the buttocks is their ISO-Pads a targeted insulation in the X-Bionic that protects you from the cold; helping to keep your body from freezing while retaining more body heat.

  Because your knee bends 160 degrees, and is an area that wears out quickly, the X-Bionic complex knitted 3D honeycomb structure keeps your knee warm no matter what position your knees in.  This system of flexible cavities locks up insulating air as the knee bends or straightens keeping it warm, while the chamber system protector 3D honeycomb woven structure on the elbow keeps it from over-cooling.

  The Expansion Ribs™ an insulation air cushioning on the elbow pads that works only when your elbow is flexed, helps so the cold won’t affect your elbows once the knit unfolds. The flexibility of the Expansion Ribs™ and the elasticity of the yarns makes it possible for complete freedom of movement, helping your muscles to be less fatigued, because they are better insulated.

 The Insulation Pads located on the upper thighs help to keep body heat in, keeping that part of the body warm and reducing the risk of injury.

  The X-Bionic proved to be what it was advertised as I’ve worn them while ice fishing, calling predators and on late season pheasant hunts, keeping me warm in cold conditions and not overheated when I’m  ice fishing, calling predators or on  pheasant hunts.

    The X-Bionic allows outdoorsmen and women like myself stay warm and comfortable, allowing us to spend more time outdoors even in the harshest of conditions.

  The X-Bionic Cabela’s Edition has a lifetime guarantee under normal wear and tear and against defect in workmanship and this  and other outdoor products is available at Cabela’s stores or on line at

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