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Today we have sunny skies 50 degrees, hard to believe it’s the end of November.

Whats really hard to believe is tomorrow we have 6″ to 9″ of snow predicted with rain and ice possible.

I like ice, for fishing, not on our roads and streets.

I have several ice fishing Outdoorsmen Adventures television shows as well as Outdoor Adventures radio show schedules in northeastern South Dakota on the Glacial Lakes this season.

If that weather comes in, I’ll pull my ice fishing gear out of storage and have it ready when we get enough ice.

My Jiffy Propane Auger is ready, hanging on my loading dock, with my sleds and ice houses not far away.

The numerous ice fishing rods I use are in the rack near by rigged with the numerous Northland ice fishing lures I use.

On the shelves along side are several different sets of ice fishing clothing and insulated boots.

The buckets I use in my sleds for getting my gear out on the ice include two Vexilar locators, one, the Vexilar double-vision that has its underwater camera and an FL-20 Flasher on board, while the others is the FLX-28.

When the first ice is thick enough I’ll  be there, catching walleyes, bass, bluegill, perch and crappies, can’t wait!!!

#Jiffyonice  #Vexilar