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In mid September for the past nine years the PDR group, an independent, non-profit organization, has hosted an all expenses paid Whitetail deer hunt exclusively for physically disabled adolescents..  The hunt is held in Clark, South Dakota but the hunters have come from all over the Midwest.  There have been some wonderful life time memories made at the annual PDR Hunt.  But, your help this year is requested to provide more treasured memories for qualified candidates and their parent or guardian. 
If you would post the invitation on your website or events calendars it would be appreciated.  A follow up from the 2017 Hunt with photographs will be provided to your media outlet, for any local tie-ins that occur.  Direct any questions you have to PDR Hunt founder, Dean Rasmussen at 605-233-0331.   Your news department can also contact him regarding a story about the PDR Hunt.  
By the way, the letters P.D.R. are the initials of Dean’s late grandchild. who he was never able to hunt with.  Again, this is a free, guided deer hunt, on private ground, that land owners in Clark, SD conduct.  It is staffed 100% by volunteers and has been for nearly a decade.   Only a few of the dozen slots remain open for the 2017 Hunt and the information about this outdoor adventure needs to get to families of prospective hunters.