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Open Water Tackle    By Gary Howey

Open Water Tackle By Gary Howey

    Well, it’s a new year, and I’m hoping it’s better than last year, as 2020 really sucked, where we were asked to stay home, wear Masks, with social distancing, businesses being shut down, some with drive in type services or limited in the number of people that...
Gourmet Baked Walleye

Gourmet Baked Walleye

  Recipe from Gary Howey’s “Cooking Gone Wild” cookbook 3 T. Butter 8 shallots or small onions Finely sliced 1 c. fine bread crumbs Lawrey’s Seasoned Salt Lawrey’s Garlic Pepper 2 lbs. walleye fillets 1 T. Chopped Parsley 4 T crumbled bacon bits   In a small skillet,...